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Coaches History

Coaching History

What is coaching?
Who are these coaches?
Where the coaches come from?

Whoosh!! Congratulations for landing yourself here, a realm created by the graduates for all graduates of I Am Gifted, So Are You! and SuperKids. Through these two programs, we have been enlightened with methods and strategies to excel both in school and in life!

In such a short period of time, not only have we experienced how we are able to tap into our fullest potential, but we have gained ourselves, a life-time support, the network of friends and coaches that we have got to know throughout the few days of life-changing moments in this academy of excellence!

Who is Adam Khoo?

As we all know, Adam Khoo started out as an underachieving student who was kicked out of school in Primary 3. Yet when he learns to unlock his brainpower and personal drive, Adam topped his school and became the top one percent of students in the National University of Singapore.

How did Adam do it?

Well he learns, he practices and he shares his experience and teaches.
Like us, we learn from the camps, we practice what we learnt, but how do we teach others about it?


Yes! The coaches that helped and guided you through the camps were once participants just like you. Now they choose to come back and mentor the new participants to learn and improve in life as they have. The coaches are volunteers that return to camp with the gratitude and to fully understand the things they have learnt.

(learn, practice and teach ) this is what it takes to master anything.


Are You Ready to Be A Coach?

The duty of a coach
To be a coach, you will go through training and a test.

i. Vision & Mission.
Help and guide participants to reach their Outcome and succeed in life.

ii. Responsibility
- Attend coach training
- Deliver the contents set by AKLTG
- Be familiar with the participants
- Apply concepts in small group breakouts.
- Energize and encourage participants
- Ensure participants meet both academic and personal goal.
- Make it the best 4/5 days of their lives.
- Do whatever it takes to help the participants reach their outcome.

iii. Rules
- Safety is always number 1
- Positive intention behind each action.
- I always walk the talk. ( I do what I say I will do)
- All for one, one for all
- I will take responsibility for my decisions, actions and choices.
- Always maintain high level of Energy and Efficiency
- Participating 100% - Play to Win


Signing Up to be a Coach or Assistant Coach

So you want to Join the Coaching Team.
Joining this group will coz you to turn SIAW!!!
Just click on your countries Web-sites and register.
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